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Welcome to the Town of 

Lebanon, New Hampshire

  in Grafton County

~ Town Host - Edward Feustel ~

Updated: September 9, 2021

~  Index  ~

Early History and First Settlers - a bit of history from the 1908 edition of  the "History of Lebanon,, N. H.: 1761-1887".

Genealogy Resources - Where to look and who to contact in Lebanon.

Resources from Lookup Volunteers - Email contacts for Lebanon lookups

Cemeteries - Listings of those burried in cemeteries

Adopt a Civil War Veteran Project

Links - Other Internet sites related to Lebanon

~  Early History and First Settlers  ~

The following is from Rev, Charles A. Downs. History of Lebanon, N. H.: 1761-1887. Rumford Printing Co. Concord, N.H. 1908.

"The town was granted its charter on July 4th 1761 by Benning Wentworth Esq. Governor and Commander In chief.

"The grantees of Lebanon were :

John Hanks
Joseph  Dana
John Salter
John Swift
Obadiah Loomis
Daniel Allen Jr.
Elijah Huntington
David Eldredge
Huckins Storrs Jun
Jesse Birchard
John Baldwin
Nathan Arnold
Robbert Barrows Jun
Levi Hyde
Richard Salter
John Birchard
Constant Southworth
Nathan Blodgett
Thomas Storrs
Moses Hibbard Jun
Hobart Estabrook
John Allen
Samuel Storrs
Robert Hyde
Charles Hill
John Hyde
Benjamin Davis
Lemuel Clark
Joshua Blodgett
Jefse Birchard
Joseph Turner
Daniel Blodgett, 3d
Josiah Storrs
Nehemiah Estabrook
Joseph Wood
Jonathan Martin
John Storrs
Nathaniel Porter
Jonathan Murdock
Jonathan Yeomans
Jabez Barrow
David Turner
Seth Blodgett
Daniel Blodgett
Joseph Martin
Jonathan Walcutt
Nathaniel Hall
John Birchard
Robert Martin
Judah Storrs
Thomas Barrows Jr.
Edward Goldslone Lutwych

One whole share for the Incorporated society for Propagation of the gospel in Foreign Parts. One whole share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by law established -- One whole share for the first settled Minister. One whole share for the benefit of a school in said Town -- his excellency Benning Wentworth Esq. a tract of land of five hundred acres as marked in the plan which is to be accounted two of the within shares

Jedediah Dana
William Dana
Mark H Wentworth
James Nevins Esq.
Jonathan Blanchard
Oneil Lamont
Clement Jackson Esq.
Hugh Hall Wentworth
Samuel Penhallow
William Knight


~  Adopt a Civil War Veteran Project  ~

The Adoption Project (updated 2016/1/23)

Soldiers Needing Stones (updated 2017/4/3)

Donation Letter


~  Cemeteries  ~

As provided/authorized by Fran Hanchette (2013/11/21):

Cole Cemetery

East Lebanon Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Adendum (3/14/2011)

Mt. Cavalry Cemetery

Section 1

Section 2

Old Pine Tree Cemetery

Poverty Lane Cemetery

School Street Cemetery

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

West Lebanon Cemetery

Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E

Old Section



~  Genealogy Resources  ~

If you know of a Lebanon genealogy resource that would be appropriate for this page, please
e-mail Edward Feustel

Lebanon Historical Society,

President: Fran Hanchett;

Curator: Nicole Ford Burley

Lebanon Public Library -  Sean Fleming Director - Lebanon Public Library - 9 East Park Street - Lebanon NH 03766
 Tele: (603) 448-2459 - Hours: Mon. - Thurs . 10:00am - 8:00pm. Fri. & Sat. 10:00am - 5:00pm
EMail: ; Website:

Lebanon Vital Records - Found at City Clerk's Office in Lebanon -  51 North Park ST. - Lebanon, NH 03766
 Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm  - Tele: (603)448-3054 - EMail:

The Deputy Town Clerk has clarified the information they hold:
  Towns covered: Our office has geneology records for Lebanon and West Lebanon, also for East Lebanon as Mascoma area was called.

    Births, Adoptions, Marriages, and Deaths: Our earliest records of births, deaths, and marriages are in the mid 1700's. However, there are not many records between 1800 and 1860. We have adoption records from the late 1960's. These are confidential records and cannot be openned without a court order. We also have cemetery records some in the 1700's.

    Naturalization: To our knowledge the nearest office of Naturalization is in Boston, Ma. There use to be an office in St. Albans, Vt., but I do not know if it is still there.

    Taxes: Three years ago we had a flood at City Hall and the Tax Dept lost a number of records. An inventory is being worked on at the present time.

    Land Records and Wills: The Assessing Dept. of the City has some land transfer records. Most of the records start in 1980, but they do have some in the 1970's.
All land transfer records and probate wills are recorded at the Grafton County Courthouse in North Haverhill, N.H.

~  Resources from Lookup Volunteers  ~

If you have a query or have any reference material on Lebanon or would like to volunteer to do lookups,
please e-mail Edward Feustel

We regret we have no volunteers to provide
lookup service at this time.

Books of interest:

Gazetteer of Grafton County (1709-1886)

Lebanon 1761-1994 : the evolution of a resilient New Hampshire city, Roger Carroll, Lebanon Historical Society, Phoenix Publishing, West Kennebunk, Maine, ISBN 0-914659-71-5, pp. 307+

Lebanon, New Hampshire in Pictures, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Compiled by Robert Hayes Leavitt, Lebanon Historical Society, Whitman Publishing Co. Lebanon, NH, (Volume 1: ISBN 0-9660069-0-9; Volume 2: ISBN 0-9660069-1-7; Set: 0-9660069-2-5)

~  Links  ~

If you know of a Lebanon link that would be appropriate for this page,
please E-Mail Edward Feustel

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